Landscape design and installation

Here at Mullett Brothers we pride ourselves in providing solutions to fit your lifestyle. When we create a landscape design we base it around providing you with a space that you will use and enjoy for many years to come. Since we are both a landscape and hardscape company we look at the big picture and create areas that are not just landscaping but outdoor living areas that you will use. From water features to pergolas and outdoor kitchens we help you use your budget to maximize value for money by designing to fit your needs and lifestyle.



Brick Pavers

 We design and install concrete brick pavers from many manufacturers including Tremron, Stabil, Artistic pavers, Belgard and Tri-Circle. Pavers are available in many different colors and patterns. Click on the footer at the bottom of the page to view some of the available product lines.



Driveways and patios

We can replace your existing driveway or pool patio with concrete brick pavers for a more sophisticated and elegant look. We can also expand your existing area to be more functional for your needs, call today to set up an appointment or go to our contact us page to have someone create a design and quote for your next project.


Outdoor Kitchens

From custom built pizza ovens to conventional grills we can help you design your perfect outdoor cooking and dining space. We work together with local master masons and granite suppliers to find the perfect solution for your needs. contact us today to see how you can get the party started!



Outdoor living areas

Everybody loves the great outdoors, but if your backyard has nothing to offer you then you're not going to want to go out there. We work together with you to find out what will get you back outside. From cooking space to play space we will find the things that you would want to do but never thought about watching a big screen movie outdoors while you cook on the grill. Now you're wanting to get outside aren't you? Call us to help you explore the possibilities.



Landscape lighting

To create that perfect mood outdoors try adding some well thought out lighting ideas for your outdoor space. We approach lighting from a theatrical perspective. Our landscape designer has an extensive background in stage production and brings that approach to lighting your outdoor stage.....make your next outdoor get together a real show!



Pergolas and arbors

 Nothing defines the space of an outdoor room better than a pergola. We design and construct custom pergolas and arbors to bring that comfortable and shaded area to relax and unwind. Outdoor lighting and water features really go well together with a pergola space to give you the ultimate in outdoor relaxation.